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Halton Black History Awareness Society (HBHAS) is learning, uncovering and promoting Canadian Black History towards a progressive, inclusive future through art, music, theatre, literature, spoken word; educational, historical and genealogical forums and community collaboration.

Our Mission:

  • To establish a centre of Canadian Black History excellence, resources & authority, celebrating community, roots & culture towards an inclusive society.
  • To be a model in the community by increasing awareness of Canadian Black History and culture through education, inspiration and integration.

Incorporated in affiliation with the Ontario Historical Society


The Halton Black History Awareness Society (HBHAS) logo is a bird called, "Sankofa" from the Ghanaian language.

Sankofa translates into "Reach back and get it (and bring it forward)".

This is what the HBHAS is doing with Canadian black history...
Learning - Uncovering - Promoting
towards a progressive future.

 Video:  Revival - The Oro African Church

Years of love and dedication went into the revival of one of the oldest black churches in Canada. The little log structure built by the first free black settlers in 1849 has taken some lumps and bumps during it's amazing history. Here is a small window into the time it was lovingly restored so it's lessons can continue to inspire and educate.
- Opportunity -
Social Media Communications Specialist

The HBHAS is currently searching for a Social Media Communications Specialist who will be responsible for managing HBHAS’s social platforms, online promotion, social media marketing, email campaigns, and content creation

This is currently a volunteer opportunity however co-operative or placement considerations will be met.

Click Here for more information.

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